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Below are the routine questions we have had from customers. Should your question not be answered below, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at or (347) 815-5995. 


Can I use an air mattress every single day as my primary bed?
The SoundAsleep air mattress is not designed to be used every day. It is not meant to replace a traditional bed  that you would purchase at a store. Our air mattresses, and really all air mattresses regardless of brand, are meant as temporary beds, or for sporadic use. If you use it every day the mattress the mattress will degrade and not last as long as a traditional bed. Using the mattress every single day for an extended period of time also voids the warranty. If a person needs a sleeping solution for longer than 2 months of daily use, we encourage them to consider a traditional bed or a futon as that would better suit their needs.


My order never arrived. What should I do?
If you purchased this product through please contact them ASAP at (866) 216-1072. If you bought this through our website please contact us directly by phone at (347) 815-5995 or


What is the warranty on SoundAsleep Products?
All products sold by us on or here on our website come standard with our SoundAsleep 1-Year Limited Warranty. Call or email support at any time.


Why does my mattress feel like it is losing firmness over night?
All our mattresses are made with an eco-friendly PVC material that naturally stretches during the first few uses. We are the only company to test 100% of our products during the production process and fully inflate them twice to make sure the PVC has stretched out before reaching the customer. If your mattress seems to lose firm​ness over night you should fully inflate and then deflate the mattress one more time. Afterward, the PVC material should be fully stretched out and the mattress should remain firm throughout the night.


What is a top-up?
Every air mattress we manufacture and sell is made to be durable, resistant to holes and maintain the proper firmness over the course of the night. When used for more than 2 nights in a row, it is recommended that the user "top up" the mattress with 10 seconds of air. This is to ensure that any microholes that formed in or around the pump or valve will not impact the firmness of the bed and your night's sleep.


Where are SoundAsleep Products manufactured?
All of our products are designed and developed in our corporate headquarters in New Jersey, USA. Production of our products takes place overseas and the finished goods are imported back to the US before they are sold to our customers. We take pride in being a small, family owned, local business to the northeast United States.


Do you sell your products in any retail locations?
No. We are an internet-exclusive retailer. We sell here on our website and on If you see our products anywhere else, don't buy them as they are not being sold by us, and they do not come with our manufacturer's warranty.


Can I buy or use a SoundAsleep mattress outside of the US?
SoundAsleep air mattresses are specifically designed to be used in the US with a standard 110v wall outlet. We do not sell our products outside the US and the Dream Series air mattresses are not intended to be used in anything other than a 110v wall out. Most other countries use 240/220v power. Using the air mattress in this type of outlet will lead to a malfunction with the air mattress. Customers would need a converter and a step down tranformer perperly attuned to the power needs of the motor in order to use it overseas.


Can I over-inflate / pop my air mattress?
Your air mattress should always be monitored during inflation and turned off as soon as it reaches your desired firmness. The CloudNine Series does have an auto-off pump, however, all of our other air mattresses (Dream Series Queen, Dream Series Twin, and Camping Series) currently do not. After 4 minutes your mattress will reach full inflation, at which point, it will not continue to inflate, however the motor will continue to run. After running for 6+ minutes from completely flat or 2 minutes from full inflation, the motor will shut off automatically as it has a safety "cutoff switch" to prevent overheating. This cutoff point should not be confused with an auto off switch. If the auto-off feature engages, you will be unable to use the motor for 60 minutes as it cools down. We do not recommend running the motor until it shuts off as it can damage the motor. When the motor loses power, the dial will still remains in the "inflate" setting with the valve open allowing air will escape out of the motor.  If you notice this happening, turn the dial to "Off" to keep the mattress inflated.


How long will it take for my mattress to ship?
There are three shipping speeds for SoundAsleep products:
  • Standard: 5-7 business days
  • Expedited: 3-5 business days
  • Priority: 2 business days